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Frederick County attorney handles fatal medical malpractice and brain injury cases

The loss of a loved one is difficult even under normal circumstances. But when the death is unexpected and caused by the actions of someone else, the situation can be almost unbearable. At Paul Victor Jorgensen, Attorney at Law, I represent families seeking justice for the death of a loved one due to medical malpractice, head injuries and other trauma. From my Middletown, Maryland office, I serve clients throughout Montgomery, Howard, Frederick and Washington counties. No amount of compensation can ever make up for the loss of your loved one, but I have seen how a successful legal claim brings relief — emotional, psychological and financial — to survivors, and I will commit myself to seeking the same for you.

The basics of Maryland wrongful death lawsuits

According to Maryland law, wrongful death lawsuits can be filed when someone dies because of the “wrongful act” of another. Such an act is one that the deceased person would have been able to sue for if that person lived. Car accidents and medical errors are just two examples. Spouses, parents and children of the deceased are eligible to file a lawsuit for wrongful death, individually or as a group. If none of these parties exist, then a relative by blood or marriage can file suit, but only if the relative was substantially dependent on the deceased. Any wrongful death suit must be filed within three years of the date of death.

Strong advocacy in fatal medical malpractice cases

It is challenging for victims of medical malpractice to have their voices heard. Hospitals, insurance companies, doctors, HMOs — there are so many layers involved that it’s easy for the victim’s voice to be drowned out. Sadly, this extends to wrongful death situations as well.

If your family member died due to possible medical neglect, a physician’s error, surgical malpractice or any other medical irregularity, it can be valuable to speak with a lawyer about what you think happened. As an experienced attorney, I can investigate the situation, evaluate the evidence and help you decide where to go from here. I work with medical experts throughout Maryland as needed to build and present effective wrongful death cases, including those involving anesthesia errors, emergency room negligence, birth injuries, surgical mistakes and nursing home negligence.

Have you lost a loved one to a traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have caused at least 650 deaths in Maryland every year since 2012, according to the Maryland Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board’s 2017 annual report. Unintentional falls are the leading cause of TBI-related deaths, emergency visits and hospitalizations in our state, the report says.

If you and your family are dealing with the aftermath of a TBI-related death, and you believe the death was caused by the negligence or inaction of another party, I am here to help. I can evaluate the situation and will tirelessly pursue any legal action that could help your family hold responsible the person or entity that caused the injury.

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Paul Victor Jorgensen, Attorney at Law, in Middletown, Maryland, can help you seek justice and compensation for the wrongful death of your loved one. Call me today at 301-293-6822 or contact me online to get started.

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