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Child Abuse Litigation

Diligent Maryland Attorney Seeks Justice for the Victims of Child Abuse

Knowledgeable Middletown lawyers secure compensation for youths who have been mistreated

Abusing a child is a horrendous act that too often goes unpunished. Whether the mistreatment occurred recently or years earlier, victims often bear physical and emotional scars. At Paul Victor Jorgensen, Attorney at Law in Middletown, we take effective action to obtain compensation from abusers so that clients can obtain a measure of justice for the harm they have suffered. Our Maryland attorneys have significant experience litigating claims for plaintiffs throughout Maryland and provide comprehensive support to victimized children and their families. Though we understand how difficult it can be to pursue these matters in civil actions, our lawyers will guide you with compassion at every stage of the legal process.

Skillful civil litigator handle a full range of child abuse actions

In many cases, numerous parties are responsible for abuse that is directed toward children. Our firm conducts a thorough investigation of what occurred and works to hold all liable individuals and entities accountable, including:

  • Family members and caregivers. Parents,
    relatives, babysitters and other caregivers sometimes abuse their position by inflicting physical and emotional damage on young people. These abusive situations often go on for months or years because children are afraid to report the misconduct of adults who have relationships with other family members. Our firm gives clients the support they need to raise their voice and seek justice through the legal system.
  • Foster parents and child-services agencies. People and agencies that are designated to care for children have a special responsibility. When this duty is breached, it not only is an act of violence against a defenseless victim but also breaks the trust that people place in their government institutions. If you or someone you know has been abused in a foster home or suffered due to a negligent child-services agency, we will launch appropriate legal action.
  • Schools, church groups and other organizations. The news is full of stories about children who have been mistreated by teachers, coaches, religious leaders and other adults who have been put in a position of authority over children. In these matters, we pursue relief from both the individual offender and the organization that allowed or promoted this misconduct.

No matter how complex these legal matters might be, we never forget the emotional aspect of these cases and deliver steady guidance as our firm works toward a proper resolution of your claim.

Accomplished firm has the ability and resources to tackle tough cases involving harm to youths

Many victims are discouraged from filing child abuse lawsuits because the allegations can be very hard to prove. Whether the case involves a young witness or actions that occurred several years ago, defendants and their attorneys often take drastic actions to discredit testimony and evidence. Our experienced lawyers have a deep background in these matters and know how to counter these defense tactics. When it is useful, we bring in medical experts and other qualified witnesses to corroborate a victim’s account so that we can maximize the likelihood of a fair verdict or settlement.

Contact an experienced lawyer for advice on initiating a child abuse claim

For information on bringing a civil child abuse action, call Paul Victor Jorgensen, Attorney at Law at 301-293-6822 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Middletown, Maryland office.

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