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When the legal system touches your family, emotions run high. After all, few issues are more sensitive than marriage, divorce, and the health and well-being of children. At the law firm of Paul Victor Jorgensen, Attorney at Law, in Middletown, Maryland, I bring more than 40 years of experience to the table to help my clients through some of the most trying times in their lives. Serving Montgomery, Howard, Frederick and Washington counties, I am known for my sensitivity in working with clients and for asserting and protecting their interests powerfully in court when needed. My approach is practical, and when children are involved, I keep their interests top of mind.

Resolving divorces in multiple ways

Over the decades, I have represented hundreds of clients whose marriages were ending. I tailor my services to each client and family. Sometimes aggressive litigation is needed over issues like child custody or property. For other couples, an out-of-court solution through mediation is a better choice. I understand all Maryland family laws and have experience applying different methods in different situations, so you can rely on me to advise you in the most fitting way possible.

Child support and custody arrangements that truly prioritize the child

While couples may grow apart or even resent each other, both partners usually want what is best for their children. Like most states, Maryland’s legal system requires child custody and support arrangements that are in the best interests of the child, not necessarily the parents’. Child support is calculated using a specific formula found in the Maryland Child Support Guidelines. Factors include each parent’s income (wages, Social Security, food stamps, etc.), health insurance costs, work-related childcare expenses and medical costs. Generally, the custodial parent is the one who receives the payments.

Child custody is determined using a “best interests of the child” standard. Essentially, this is a list of dozens of variables, including the preference of the child, that judges use to decide what type of custody to order (sole, joint or split). The factors also determine who has legal custody (the right to make major decisions about the child’s life) and physical custody (the child’s living arrangements). If you already have an arrangement that you need to change, modifications may be possible, but you should be prepared for a lengthy process that includes showing how your situation has changed so much that the existing arrangement no longer works.

Navigating the adoption process together

The adoption process is emotional, both for adoptive parents and birth parents. I have experience representing parents in both situations, and I approach the issue with sensitivity and care. I will walk you through the various options that are available in Maryland, including agency adoption, private adoption, foster care system adoption and international adoption. Each of these avenues has its own unique steps that must be completed. You can rely on me to guide you through the entire process, including locating would-be adoptive parents or locating parents interested in placing a child for adoption.

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