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A Maryland Divorce Lawyer Who Combines Aggressiveness and Compassion

Experienced attorney protecting you, your children and your property

The realization that your marriage is ending may bring up feelings and concerns of all kinds. What happens to your children? Where will you live? What will your financial future look like? Answering questions like these takes time, and it takes the involvement of an experienced Maryland divorce lawyer. You’ll find exactly that here at Paul Victor Jorgensen, Attorney at Law. With more than 40 years of legal experience, my Middletown-based firm helps men and women protect their interests and their relationships with children through even the most difficult marriage dissolution proceedings.

Seeking child custody and visitation arrangements that make sense

I counsel my clients to remember that even if they have resentments toward their former spouse, keeping a clear head regarding children is essential. What is in the child’s best interests? Whether you need to resolve custody as part of a divorce or you are already divorced and are now facing custody issues, I can help. I have decades of experience resolving issues such as visitation rights (parenting time), interstate child custody, custody agreement modification, custody for parents who were never married, paternity and more.

Effective handling of all child support-related issues

Child support is an important issue in many divorces. The amount of support is calculated based on many factors, including each parent’s income, the custody arrangements, health insurance costs and alimony. It is your attorney’s job to make sure the judge has an accurate picture of your specific situation so a fair child support amount can be determined. I handle child support as part of ongoing divorce proceedings, and I also work with clients who wish to modify existing child support arrangements.

Ensuring a fair division of marital property and debt

Property division, for most couples, is the second most important issue in a divorce, trailing only child custody. Maryland is an equitable distribution state, but dividing property and debt gets more complex for couples with significant assets. I can assist you with this and can also enlist a financial expert to help track assets and account for items like stocks, appreciation of real property and retirement accounts. My goal is to make sure you are not unduly burdened financially as you prepare for post-divorce life, which includes helping to determine how much alimony is appropriate for your situation.

A marital separation agreement may be a viable solution for you

Maryland provides couples with a way to simplify the marriage dissolution process, and it is called a marital separation agreement. If you and your spouse can agree on key items, such as custody, child support and property division, it is possible to create a contract spelling out your agreement, sign it and essentially avoid costly and protracted divorce litigation. I have extensive experience drafting marital separation agreements and working with the parties to negotiate acceptable terms. I find that this alternative method of ending a marriage can be very helpful, and it tends to help avoid the emotional pain and bitterness that litigation can cause.

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